Futures + Design

Future-Filter is a creative futures studio. We filter cultural codes, future-forecasting, analysis, insight, and strategic design into actionable ideas for global brands.

Put simply, we concisely present what is over the horizon and how you can use this information to shape new products, packaging and services for your business.

Were we differ from other tend agencies is that we can offer solid, actionable ideas based on insight. We filter insight from our cultural trends and future-forecasting through a strategic filter. We endeavour to understand the driving forces behind cultural and technological change. Our product and graphic designers then shape ideas in the opportunity areas into actionable ideas in the form of animations, storyboards, visuals or 3D prototypes to test with consumers and share with your internal team. Our technical know how means no fluff.

Future-Filter identifies emerging global macro trends that are likely to impact client’s business and links it to product and business model opportunities, creating concepts with futuristic trend-driven solutions. Future-Filter is not only able to make that link from trends to concrete business opportunities, but also bring it to life with professional, concept visuals, narratives, animations, and 3D prototypes, making it possible to present and sell through ideas within the business. While many other ‘future predictions’ companies are able to investigate the trends piece, not many can bring the creativity and design expertise that FF has to properly capture the business opportunity story.”

R&D Global Director.