An all-in-one mens grooming unit, with base ingredients for washing, shaving, toning and moisturising. Machined from a solid piece of jesmonite, the grooming unit houses all the key ingredients needed for modern grooming. The sensual hands-on process of mixing, grinding and foaming combine to create a therapeutic yet primal cleansing ritual. The deconstructed nature of the products allow for total daily personalisation. Salt crystals, poppy seeds and essential oils, exfoliate, moisturise and fragrance the skin. 

Inspiration by:

- Retro-sexual

- Maker culture

- Personalisation 

- Trusted rituals


The clean stone-like quality has the feel of cool marble creating a classic luxury aesthetic with a contemporary colour pallet and form. 


-A large organic block of Soap

-Shea Butter

-Apricot Kernel oil

-Witch Hazel

-Organic poppy seeds

Base closed 1 .jpg