Still Unidentified Objects


Transnatural are showcasing their latest exhibition titled 'Still Unidentified Objects' which as the name suggests explores unidentified forms of collaboration between man, machine and nature. Showcasing her Emotional Dialogue video, Svenja Jeune questions real and artificial, textile and nature with her communicating textile forms that transform and morph as they detect the emotional mood of the viewer. The well documented Energy Collection from Marjan van Aubel is also shown and fits nicely with the messages from Transnatural to do with harvesting energy from natural sources be it in her case food, or in the case of Trap light, via sun light.

The brilliant Thomas Vailly is also showing his work that explores our mortality and the reality of the waste that we leave behind such as hair whilst the slightly disconcerting living organism dress 'Like living organisms' is a skin dress that expresses excitement and emotion between two people when they first meet.

Open until 1st July at Workspace, Lijnbaansgracht 148a Amsterdam.