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Materials are fundamental to good design. They define an object, a

texture, a finish, a provenance and an emotion.

Materials are evolving. They are no longer about ingredients alone.

Materials are intelligent, and unexpected.

Our aesthetics of materials are also shifting. A rejection of one-life

plastics and the idea of upcycling is evolving. Adidas has launched

trainers made from recycled ocean plastic which has gained critical

praise and demonstrated that progressive thinking can be

commercially viable with the shoes flying off the shelves.

With advances in Biocouture, 3D printing and nanotechnology

it is foreseeable that materials will be able to change colour, shape

and function in the near future.

The function of the ‘Material Scope’ report is to provide a view on

commercially available and progressive materials to give your

business an edge over the competition.

The report will also function as a material index, highlighting the

designer/artist who uses or created it, the supplier (if available) and

the potential application within your business.