Disquiet Luxurians


With the build up to Milan next week there are a plethora of exciting and some not so exciting projects that are being exposed to tantalise the design industry to visit during their time in Milan. Tom Dixon's MOST currently offering Robots and Design looks set to fully take over from the lure of Lambrate and one of those designers who will be making waves showing at MOST is Emilie Grenier a graduating student from the Textile Futures Ma at CSM.

Her project is not only pertinent, but it is also beautifully executed. Here is a sneak peek at what she will be showing during Milan at MOST next week.

She explains her project so well I have simply lifted the copy (with permission!) from her site.

'Disquiet Luxurians explores alternative trends for the production and consumption of rare and luxurious objects. This has led to a new definition of the current state of luxury, one which (re)places most emphasis on meaning, craft and provenance. The resulting collection focuses on the material feldspar - the world's most prevalent mineral which makes up 60% of the Earth's crust. If we define ourselves by what we achieve with the materials that surround us, then let the times of the Disquiet Luxurians be those of more meaningful value'

Image Credits Tristan Thomson