Fly Factory


Inspired by the 2013 report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations called Edible Insects, which investigates how eating insects could help future food shortages, design graduate Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson has created a Fly Factory that breeds insect larvae for human consumption. Echoing the spider factory from Thomas Maincent in its aesthetic Aðalsteinsson's fly factory uses larvae bred in the factory to create pate and dessert.

The conceptual micro-factory utilises food waste as the feed for the insects reducing issues surrounding food waste whilst creating a new protein solution which according to Aðalsteinsson tastes like chicken.

Experimenting with the flavours and foodstuff he has also created a series of recipes such as coconut-chocolate larvae dessert. His designs are not expected to be for the home, rather for restaurants and industrial use but the debate still goes on to whether the western palette will except eating bugs and insects.

Aðalsteinsson is not the first designer to explore this area and is one of a growing number of designers and nutritionists who recognise the importance of finding an alternative source of protein for future diets.