'Suck: a ba starter'


Reconsidering how we engage with food, utensils and experience are high on the design agenda with numerous projects exploring such subjects. One of the latest is from Ellie Corp - a jewellery designer who has collaborated with a chef to create a series of tools for eating.

The first part of a three part collaboration she has designed tools for the first course. Titled 'Suck: a ba starter' the tools focus on sucking of a kind of noodle soup and as such Ellie has designed objects that interact playfully with the rituals surrounding eating.

Working with soft and hard materials Ellie has used silver and stainless steel with natural sponges to help with the liquid retention and the over all experience of eating.

Part 2 and 3 are to follow as will be an actual dinner where visitors will be able to experience the utensils.